Phoenix, AZ

Institute for Cultural Affairs

Utilized the ICA participatory process to create a rapid resource planning workshop and train their team.

Cairo, Egypt

Center for Development Services — International Community Development

Conducted participatory strategic planning with team of trainers and capacity-builders serving NGOs in the Middle East and Northern Africa and trained their team in participatory planning methods.

Los Angeles, CA

A Place Called Home — Start Up and Expansion

Provided start-up planning and coaching for innovative youth/gang prevention program and assistance in site acquisition.

Washington, DC

Institute for Responsible Fatherhood – National Replication

Provided resource and national replication planning for fatherhood program and documented the program design.

San Diego, CA

Second Chance — Start Up

Coached Executive Director in start-up planning and coaching for this sober-living and job development program and produced initial organizational materials.

San Diego, CA

New Haven Children’s Services

Led development of a program design focused on adolescent youth reclaiming their past and setting goals for their future in trusting relationships with adults.

Lima, OH

Ohio Youth Advocate Program

Served on leadership team that designed and implemented Neighborhood Resource Network to support at-risk youth in a state-wide family preservation program.

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